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Wheel Rim Repair & Straightening | Spilsby | Lincolnshire

At Vale Road Tyres we have the facility to straighten wheel rims, whether steel or alloy, with our state of the art digital wheel repair machine.

This service can be provided on a drop in basis. Most people become aware of a problem when they have their tyres replaced. Common causes of damaged wheels is an increasing number of pot holes, minor accident damage and incorrect tyre pressure. This occurs more frequently with low profile or run flat tyres due to the impact being more directly transmitted to the wheel.

The common symptoms of wheel damage

Common symptoms of wheel damage is vibration being transmitted into the car, tyre pressure dropping regularly with no visible signs of a puncture, or uneven tyre wear.

Re-machining alloy wheels

We also have the facility to re-machine the bead face of alloy wheels. This becomes necessary when the tyre regularly looses pressure. If the wheel does not appear to have impact damage there may be excessive corrosion on the bead face. This creates an uneven surface for the tyre to seal to.

Whilst bead sealing may be a short term solution, re-machining is the only long term cure.

An average process time would be 30 minutes per wheel. A customer has the option to wait in our heated waiting room and enjoy a warm drink or leave the vehicle with us and pop up into town.

The wheel repair package includes repair, re-face if necessary, new valve, and balance.
Feel free to pop in or contact our team.